The Practical Handbook To Building Better Customer Feedback Loops

Do you ever feel frustrated by the lack of customer input at your company? You're not alone - we talk to people every week who desperately want to incorporate customer feedback loop into their strategies but face a variety of challenges, from internal politics to lack of processes and infrastructure.

That's why we gathered information from the best-of-the-best and wrote a book to help you understand what it takes to be truly customer-driven. The insights and lessons will help you go from simply caring about customers to learning from them in deep, impactful ways.

You can grab a free copy of the eBook here - here's a sneak peek at some of the chapters:

Chapter 2 - From Kinda to Customer-Driven: This chapter touches on the differences between organizations that are half-heartedly working to be customer driven, and those organisations that are truly customer-driven. Use this chapter as a litmus test to determine where you fall.

Chapter 3 - Internal Feedback Loops: Business is a team sport, and every organization needs to have strong internal communication in order to succeed. Customer-driven organisations make it a priority to share feedback with the right internal audiences. Learn how to setup and map your internal communication channels so critical feedback is heard and incorporated into business decisions.

Chapter 4 - External Feedback Loops: Customer feedback is a source of knowledge that few organisations utilize to its fullest potential. In this chapter, you'll learn how to aggregate, classify, and search external feedback in pursuit of better product development. It's no easy task to organize all of your external feedback, but doing so gives you consistent access to insights that can be used to build better experiences.

Chapter 5 - Culture: Implementing and Managing Change: Great ideas and initiatives can fail if change isn't implemented and managed carefully. Learn how to set yourself and your organisation up for success by considering input from leaders in change management.

Feedback loops are critical pieces of your organisation's strategy, and you owe it to your team and your customers to develop a process where important feedback is heard and considered by the right person or team.

Take the first step towards instilling a customer-driven culture by downloading a free copy of The Practical Handbook To Building Better Feedback Loops today!

If you've heard rumblings about how valuable voice of customer data can be but you aren't sure exactly what to do with the feedback that's piling up around your company, The Practical Handbook to Building Better Feedback Loops is a must-read primer on building a customer-driven culture. Not only will you learn how to turn the customer feedback you're already collecting into actionable insights, but you'll also learn how to get buy-in on your research program (which is half the battle). Highly recommend for anyone who wants to put customers at the center of decision-making process.

-- Alli Blum, Onboarding Consultant and Conversion Copywriter