👀 In case you missed it! 🚀 Here's the recording from our last session with Phil Hesketh from ConsentKit. We covered everything UX researchers need to know about data management, privacy, and informed consent, all with a bit of fun!  https://getenjoyhq.com/webinar/

No matter which industry you work in, staying compliant with data regulations is mission-critical.

Phil Hesketh, CEO at Consent Kit shared practical steps you can take to make sure you are getting your data management right.  

  • Different categories of data and how to handle them
  • How to think through our methods and workflow
  • Choosing the right lawful basis for processing
  • What docs we need to create and why
  • How to respect participants rights after the research

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And finally, if you are looking for templates and a practical guide to build your research repository, we highly recommend checking out: The Ultimate User Research Repository Checklist 2.0