Here’s what's new:

  • Group Stories and Projects by Categories: Need to send stakeholders to a specific topic? Just share a link to a category with all the insights they need.
  • Featured Stories are now more prominent: Customise what your team members get to see first.
  • Have lots of Stories? Switch to table view!
  • Status at glance: Now it’s easier to see which Stories are published and which ones are still a draft. Also which projects are done and in progress.

👉 All of the updates above are also available in the projects section!

Other Improvements:

  • Better label filers: Any or All operators for labels filters.
  • Transcripts are now easier to analyze! Synchronized Audio & Text.
  • The Intercom integration will now import Conversation Attributes as document properties.

UserTesting integration: Important update!

​Thank you for beta testing the UserTesting integration - we have learned a ton and we'll continue adding updates. Starting from the 31st of March, it will become a paid integration. If you decide not to use the integration, please remove it. The clips that have been synchronized until this point will remain in your account. If you have any questions, please let us know!

Coming soon!

  • Video and audio clips are around the corner.
  • Qualtrics integration is now in closed beta - please reach out to us if you’d like to test it out.
  • More integrations including Miro, Mural, SurveyMonkey and ConsentKit.