Hey people, this is Taylor, EnjoyHQ Product Manager 👋 I have some exciting news to share about how your team can now collaborate and interact in EnjoyHQ. We are introducing a new collaborative content editor for your Plans, Stories, and Project Summaries that allows you to edit simultaneously with your colleagues.


EnjoyHQ’s new collaborative content editor will now allow you to edit content simultaneously in Plans, Stories, and Project Reports.

Introducing the new Collaborative Content Editor

As with Google Docs and Dropbox Paper, you and your team can now make edits and changes to Plans, Project Reports, and Stories together, at the same time. You’ll be able to see your collaborators’ cursors and avatars when they’re editing at the same time as you.

Real-time editing

Previously, your teammates could only see edits you made to a Plan, Story, and Report after you had finished editing and hit ‘Save’. Now with collaborative editing, edits that are made by you and your team will appear simultaneously and automatically when in edit mode.

Notifications alert you when you're entering or exiting edit mode, and when another team member begins editing alongside you. Collaborative editing is available for Admin and Collaborator users.

Find collaborator avatars in the navigation header. To see their corresponding text cursor and name, hover over their avatar.

Editing and creating just got better

Along with collaborative editing we’re excited to release additional enhancements to improve the EnjoyHQ content editing experience.

  • New formatting toolbar - Now the formatting toolbar is fixed at the top of the screen and is always visible when you're editing.
  • Table management improvements - You can now resize your tables to better display and organize your content.
  • Template upgrades - Templates will now append underneath the content you've already added to a Plan, Report, or Story and won't delete what's already there.
  • Improved formatting - EnjoyHQ will now play nicer with formatted text content pasted in from your clipboard.

Research is better together

User research isn’t a one-person show, which is why EnjoyHQ prioritizes seamless real-time collaboration. Now designers, product managers, and user researchers can:

  • Uncover insights quicker
  • Improve efficiency and productivity
  • Build a community and foster teamwork
  • Execute ideas faster
  • Reduce time spent emailing or Slack-ing.

Stay tuned for even more exciting EnjoyHQ enhancements coming soon - including collaborative editing for Documents!

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