As a product designer, you hopefully rely on user experience research to inform your work and the experiences you create. Some product designers are fortunate to be supported by robust UX teams with plenty of resources dedicated to research; others may not be so lucky. This post aims to be a helpful resource with content curated specifically for product designers who do their own research. Let's dive in!

Finding participants for user research

To start, most researchers need participants that can be engaged in tests or interviews. The posts below cover tips and best practices for finding research participants and engaging them in your research activities:

Tips for interviewing users

Conducting a user interview isn’t as simple as it seems. There are plenty of opportunities to make mistakes, such as leading respondents with biased questions or simply asking the wrong question. Posts below cover tips and best practices related to conducting user interviews:

Tips for conducting user tests

Designing a good user test is both an art and a science - you have to be technical in your approach and measurement of what is being tested, but you also have to design a test that will engage the user and put them in the right frame of mind. Below are tips and best practices for getting the most out of user tests:

Tips for discovering insights within research data

After you have a body of research data to sift through, it’s important to have a process for analyzing data and pulling out insights. Below are tips and best practices for pulling out important pieces of information from your research:

Tips for incorporating research findings into experience design

Now it’s game time! You’ve conducted research, pulled out important findings, and how it’s time to design an experience that is sure to delight. The posts below contain tips and best practices for incorporating findings into the experiences you design:

Good user research can be done on a budget and quickly, especially using the tips and best practices described above.

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