In this series, we’re going to explore some of the research projects that you should consider doing on an ongoing basis. In this opportunity we will explore a slightly different type of project that can help new team members in your organisation hit the ground running.

I hope you find it helpful. Let’s get started!

Whether your new team member is a product manager, researcher or designer, if they are customer-driven, the first question they will ask is:

What do we know about our customers?

This question normally triggers a full search of research documents, feedback reports and presentations normally stored in multiple tools. Same happens when you are about to kickstart research work and you ask yourself, have we done anything related to this in the past? Have customers mentioned this before?

This is where having all your customer feedback and research data centralised can help you not only accelerate your research process but also help other team members make the most out of previous research.

If you have already centralised all your data in one place, I would like to share with you a research project you can easily automate that can help your team on an ongoing basis.We call this project Customer Outcomes.

You can use different datasets here but we found it helpful to start with a small feedback loop during your onboarding process. For example, the first day of trial we send an automated email via our live chat tool that goes like this:

The replies to this email helps us understand the expectations of potential customers during their fist session. We enhance the replies with other segmentation data from Clearbit’s enrichment API, for example: company size, industry, funding and job title. This helps us qualify trialists but also engage in a conversation so we can be as helpful as possible from the very beginning.

These emails are automated but I do personally reply to them. We set up an automation rule within our EnjoyHQ account that collects all these replies from our live chat tool and  automatically sends them to research project inbox. We then frequently check that inbox, highlight any new insights from the replies and make them available for the entire team.

Highlights from weekly analysis

Having a single place where your team members can access customers who share the job they want to get done with your tool can help researchers sources candidates from interviews, help you learn whether or not your product is matching leads expectations and discover interesting use cases you haven’t considered before.

It can also help the marketing team understand if your messaging is creating the right expectations.This automated research project will take you just a couple of minutes to set up but the impact of having this type of data available for new team members will be long lasting.

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