EnjoyHQ is passionate about helping product and UX teams worldwide connect specialized UXR tools into a single platform that allows them to truly take advantage of the data they’re already gathering and improve the quality of insights, and share knowledge across the organization.

Now we are joining forces with UserZoom - the leader in Experience Insights Management (XIM) to accomplish a bigger vision - helping UX, Product, Design, Marketing, and Research leaders increase their odds of success in delivering the seamless experiences that drive positive outcomes.

Together, we’ll help businesses better understand and manage the insights gleaned from a digital journey by breaking down the silos between customer experience (CX) and user experience (UX) teams and strategies, leading to enhanced digital experiences that increase sales, and improve engagement and retention.

We’d like to extend a thanks to all the users who have supported us on this journey. While we work on exciting things with the UserZoom team, we’ll continue to launch great features, integrated workflows and continuous improvements 💪

We are so excited about the possibilities this acquisition will bring and we can't wait to tell you more. I'll be sharing more on why we decided to partner with UserZoom, what it means for our industry and the future of insights management.


Sofia Quintero