With the holiday season behind us, we wanted to give you a quick round-up of the improvements we’ve shipped in the last couple of weeks. Your account is now better than ever 💪

Here’s everything you need to know in case you missed it:

✍️ Editing Documents

Editing documents and Stories just got easier - Now you can use the “search and replace” tool to quickly make repeated edits to a single document. This is especially useful when cleaning up automatically generated transcripts for your videos.

🧠 Managing Stories

Now you can manage the visibility of your Stories - by default all Stories are saved as drafts, meaning only admins and collaborators can see and edit them. Once you’re done with your Story - you can publish it to make it visible to all team members, as well as enable the ability to link Stories together:

📂 Inbox and Analysis board Improvements

Your project’s analysis board is now easier to use:

  • You can manage your groups and add highlights straight from your project inbox, without switching to the analysis board

  • Now the full content of a highlight is displayed on the cards so you don't have to open the document to see the full quote.

  • You can now select multiple items and move them quickly to a group of your choice.

🤓 Sharing with Read-only Users

We have made it easier to manage your read-only users - you can now disable the “request access” flow for read-only team members who are already part of your EnjoyHQ team. This means that any link that you share from EnjoyHQ can be accessed without approving access to it. Read more about the new setting.

🗞EU Billing and Security Compliance

As of last month, we have updated our billing system to comply with the new automated payment security standards. If you’re based in the European Union your automated subscription payment might need extra approval via Strong Customer Authentication (also known as 3D Secure) - we have made all the preparations and made our payment process ready to handle the extra security requirements.

👉Is there any change you would like to see, any feature request? Get in touch via live chat or send us an email to: support@getenjoyhq.com

Thanks for all your support and helpful feedback ❤️