Today we’re excited to announce our revamped Typeform integration! Ever since Typeform launched, consumers and businesses have used the product to create beautiful forms, surveys, and other information gathering vehicles (referred to as typeforms) to collect input from anyone and everyone.

A large part of Typeform’s success can be attributed to creating great experiences for everyone involved in using the product — building and launching a typeform is quick and easy, and interacting with a typeform is truly a breath of fresh air.

Businesses use Typeform for a ton of different reasons, but one of the main benefits is collecting information and feedback from their customers — in fact, some of Typeform’s customers say their response rates and overall engagement increase dramatically when typeforms are used; this isn’t a surprise if you’ve ever compared the experience of answering questions built in Typeform to other survey and form builders. And while collecting feedback from your customers is great, what really matters is what you do with that feedback.

Our integration with Typeform allows you to centralize responses collected in Typeform alongside customer communication from other feedback channels like Intercom, Zendesk, Drift, and Jira Service Desk. This provides your product, design, and research teams with a robust feedback repository they can use to identify themes and trends, find product insights, and build better experiences.

If you’re already an EnjoyHQ customer, simply navigate to the integrations page and select the Typeform icon to get started. You’ll be doing your best customer research in no time! If you’re not using Typeform yet, click here to sign up for a free account!

If you’re not an EnjoyHQ customer but want to learn more about integrating your Typeform data, click here. 👈