Your Research Projects and insights are now easier to browse, organize, and share - here’s what’s new:

New Projects List 📋

  • Now it's easier to organize your view of Research Projects with filters for project status, created-by users, and project labels.
  • Your preferred view can be saved for later use by bookmarking the page in your browser.
  • You can use a new "list view" to see more projects at once.

Story Drafts and Archived Stories

  • Stories you create will now be saved as drafts, hiding them from the default view in the Stories tab.
  • You can now publish your Story when you're ready to share it with others or add it to a project summary.
  • If you want to hide a Story because it's no longer relevant, you can now archive it - read more about archived stories here.

More Updates 👀

  • Easier sharing of documents and highlights: A new setting allows you to turn off the request and approval process for read-only users, making it easier to grab a link and share documents, highlights, and dashboards with anyone - read more here.
  • New version of Salesforce integration: This version is faster and better detects updates to Salesforce objects synching with your account. Please update your integration as soon as possible - instructions can be found here.

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