With this latest release we’ve made collaborating with your team so much easier.

You can now mark documents as processed in your account and keep track of your progress when reviewing customer feedback. You can also assign documents to team members, and see which documents have been read by them in your account.

Track your progress in Research projects
See who read documents and when!

Assign team members to documents

We’ve also made some big changes to how you view data in EnjoyHQ. You can now toggle back and forth between the document viewer and a new report viewer in both Search and Project Inboxes. Simply run a search and all related feedback will be available for analysis in the Report view. You can also access your previously saved reports from this new view.

Visualise data in your research projects

In the Project Summary section, you can now view the full document that any embedded insights originate from. Simply click "Read more", and the full document will pop up providing additional context.

Staying in Projects, we’ve made it easier than ever to rename, delete, change the status of, and even share your projects with a new context menu. Just click the three dots in the top right corner of each project to access the menu options.

Manage projects easily 

Lastly, we’ve reorganized the Dashboard navigation - your saved Dashboards are now located in a dropdown list at the top of the page, along with the button to create a new dashboard. This frees up some screen space so your reports can be viewed in all their glory.

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We release new updates every week so get in touch and let us know what would you like to see 🤓