Creating notes just got easier! Today we released a brand new editor experience. Here’s what’s new:

Supercharged Notes ⚡️

  • See who is editing a note in real time!
  • Make a copy of an existing note easily. Now you can create templates for the rest of your team
  • Copy and paste your content from anywhere and keep the original formatting.
  • Add a customer or a user to your note right from the start
  • App-wide keyboard shortcuts to speed up formatting
  • More formatting options: nested lists and more heading style

Take me to see the supercharged notes in action!

New Property Manager  📔

Manager all of your document properties easily. Rename, delete, and merge all your properties in seconds!

In the upcoming weeks we will be releasing a taxonomy feature that will help you visualize all your tags and properties easily. The property manager is just the beginning!

Take me to the new property manager!