Now your Slack integration with EnjoyHQ is even more powerful! Here's a quick video showing what's new:

If you don't have time to watch a video, here's what's new:

  • Slack users can share any existing message from Slack and forward it to EnjoyHQ using message actions.
  • In EnjoyHQ, you can configure which tags and properties can be attached to feedback and imported from Slack.
  • You can configure whether attaching an email address to feedback is required or not.
  • When feedback is imported from Slack, a new document is created in EnjoyHQ, which you can edit and classify.
  • You can now forward Slack messages with images and file attachments.

👉 Go here to connect Slack to EnjoyHQ!

EnjoyHQ Customers, please note: To enable the new integration you’ll have to remove the existing connection and connect Slack again. You can do so by going to EnjoyHQ’s integrations page. After installation, you might need to refresh your Slack client to see the new option available. Don’t worry! No data will be deleted and you only have to perform this operation once.