Learn strategies for getting your boss and teammates to understand and use your research repository

You know that a research repository will set your team up to find and share research more easily and to stop insights from falling through the cracks.
But you also know that your fledgling research repository will only become (or remain) effective if your team understands its power - and wields it effectively.

So how can you make sure that your team will adopt and use it to its full potential?
This session will help you identify successful strategies and tactics that can dramatically increase your chances of success, especially when it comes to getting the rest of your team or organization on board.

👉 You’ll learn about:

  • The roadmap and stages of implementation of a successful repository
  • How to plan your strategy to persuade stakeholders to use a repository, even if they already have a way of storing and accessing research or insights
  • How to harness the “Stages of Awareness” to create a painless pitch process for you and your boss or colleagues (plus persuasive frameworks to stop objections before they happen)
  • How to run presentations so you end the call with a “Yes, let’s keep going”
  • What to do after your first pitch to keep the momentum flowing

Alli runs an interdisciplinary growth consultancy for SaaS companies. She has worked on user research, conversion copywriting, and UX projects with teams at companies including Buffer, Codecademy, MURAL, Output, Atlassian, Userlist, Stunning, and Autobooks. She speaks about research, copywriting, and onboarding UX on podcasts and at events including MicroConf, LTVConf, UIBreakfast, Startups for the Rest of Us, and Forget the Funnel. She is also a mentor for founders in the TinySeed Accelerator.